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Cahier de recherches économiques du DEEP No. 17.10

Battal Dogan and Bumin Yenmez

Unified Enrollment in School Choice: How to Improve Student Assignment in Chicago

July 9, 2017


The Chicago Board of Education is implementing a centralized clearinghouse to assign students to schools for 2018-19 admissions. In this clearinghouse, each student can simultaneously be admitted to a selective and a nonselective school. We study this divided enrollment system and show that an alternative uni ed enrollment system, which assigns each student to only one school, is better for all students. We also examine systems with two stages of admissions, which has also been considered in Chicago, and establish conditions under which the uni ed enrollment system is better than the divided enrollment system.

JEL Classification: C72, C78, I21

Keywords: Market design, school choice, unifi ed enrollment.

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