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Welcome message from the PHD program Director


Thank you for your interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in management at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne.

The main goal of our program is to attract top doctoral students and develop them to be competent in conducting independent research. To accomplish this goal, the program provides a rigorous and in-depth course of study in research theory and methodology along with advanced quantitative analysis techniques and specialized courses in the student's field of interest. Whether your concentration is in accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, or strategy, our program will provide you with solid training necessary to pursue a career in academia.

The Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne is one of the leading research-oriented business schools in Europe as evidenced by objective performance metrics. For example, in the UT Dallas ranking of business schools, which tallies research output in top journals, our Faculty ranks #1 in Switzerland (and this over a long-term period, 1990-2013). Considering schools in countries like Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway, U.K., our school ranks #23 out of 372 schools! Furthermore, according to the research ranking of the Financial Times, which tracks the research output of schools worldwide—and this in 45 top international management and economics journals (for the purpose of ranking certain academic programs)—our Faculty ranks in the top-20 in Europe! Our 60 full time faculty members and excellent library and computer resources will provide doctoral students with opportunities for specialization matched by few others in Europe (not to mention the fact too that we have very low tuition fees).

The training our students receive depends much on the research of our faculty. Thus, one of our goals is to ensure that we can maintain and improve on our performance in research and teaching delivery. Our PhD program has an important role to play in that mission given the involvement our Ph.D. students have in research production. Many of our students succeed in publishing their work during their studies or soon thereafter in top general or field journals like the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Acta Psychologica, Business and Society, Business Ethics Quarterly, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Research in Personality, Personality and Individual Differences, and The Leadership Quarterly, to name a few. Our students also present at top conferences including the Academy of Management, where several have won awards (e.g., Organizational Behavior Division's Best International Paper Award, Organization and Management Theory Division International Paper).

Our program attracts students having masters from various fields including management, economics, psychology, sociology, or computer science. Our students are also very diverse and represent many nationalities. The strength of our program and caliber of our students is evidenced in our student placements in top institutions both in terms of post-doctoral (e.g., Baruch College, Columbia University, Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Kellog School of Management at Northwestern University, University of Lausanne, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Zurich, and Wharton) and professorial appointments (e.g., Aalto University of Science and Technology, EM-Lyon, Frei University Amsterdam, HEC Paris, IESE Barcelona, Middlesex University, Nottingham University - China Campus Gambo, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Robbins School of Business, University of Richmond, University of Lausanne, and University of Amsterdam). Some of our students choose to go to the business world as independent consultants or working for firms like Accenture, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, BearingPoint Consulting, Skim, Unilever, and others.

To get to such high performance levels requires a demanding program and a high level of commitment on your part. Students have five years in which to complete the program; the first two years have a rigorous taught component and the next three years are dedicated to writing the thesis papers. Many of our entering students receive paid graduate assistantships while working for the faculty; others are hired directly on professors’ research grants (oftentimes co-authored with Ph.D. students), and the rest are self-financed. If you are interested in working for us, keep an eye on the job openings section or contact professors with whom you are interested to work directly. Tuition fees for all students are very low and the combination of our professors, facilities, and location make our Faculty a very attractive option to potential students. 

If you have any question or would like to arrange a visit to our school, please feel free to contact us. Also, please see the welcome note from the Ph.D. student representatives by clicking here.

See you soon in Lausanne!

John Antonakis
Professor, University of Lausanne
Director, Ph.D. Program in Management


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