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The HEC Alumni Association is part of the ALUMNIL network, which brings together all the graduates from the University of Lausanne. Its main vocation is to help graduates from HEC Lausanne maintain and develop their professional network.

The ALUMNIL Network includes all graduates of the University of Lausanne (UNIL). It is a FREE service offered by UNIL, whose mission is to allow alumni to develop their professional and personal contacts, maintain their living knowledge, and retain a link with UNIL and their faculty. The ALUMNIL Network organises workshops and exclusive events and selects job offers for UNIL graduates: a range of special benefits reserved for members of the network.


The MBA Alumni Association is made up of MBA-HEC Alumni. The Association's focus is to create a network of Alumni in Switzerland and abroad while promoting professional interests and relations. The MBA Alumni Association is an experience exchange platform for business executives from all sectors.



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