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Thesis supervisor

HEC Lausanne professors who may supervise a thesis and fields of specialisation. See also: thesis list

1 Albrecher Hansjoerg actuarial science applied probability assurance finance mathématiques risque
2 André Paul financial reporting, analyse financière, ifrs, governance, mergers and acquisitions
3 Antonakis John experimental methods leadership organizational behavior power social cognition
4 Arnold Séverine actuarial science cause-of-death mortality longevity risk mortality modeling pension fund social security
5 Bacchetta Philippe exchange rates financial crisis international capital flows international finance international macroeconomics
6 Benhima Kenza capital flows emerging countries exchange rate external imbalance growth international finance international macroeconomics
7 Bilbiie Florin
8 Bonardi Jean-Philippe company strategy lobbying public policy regulation
9 Bruhin Adrian
10 Brülhart Marius fiscal federalism international trade public finance spatial economics tax competition
11 Cadot Olivier competition globalization international policy international trade modelisation of endogen policy policy of trade, environmental and competition protectionnism regional integration
12 Castaner Xavier alliances corporate strategy and development culture and arts management diversification strategy governance innovation m&a organizational design and integration strategy
13 Chavez Valérie
14 Christen Markus
15 Czellar Sandor
16 Danon Robert
17 de Treville Suzanne health care operations lead time reduction lean production and just-in-time manufacturing manufacturing optimisation operations process consistency improvement queuing theory reshoring supply chain management
18 Dietz Jörg employee-customer linkages in services organizations human resources effectiveness organizational behavior prejudice and discrimination in the workplace workforce diversity
19 Dimopoulos Theodosios
20 Dufresne François actuarial science assurance credibility theory gestion actif-passif mathématiques pricing risque
21 Duparc Jacques descriptive set theory mathematical logic theoretical computer science
22 Efferson Charles
23 Garbinato Benoît computer & telecommunication market computer networks computer technology and telecommunication distributed computing systems e-trade internet, iphone and android mobile applications & services peer-to-peer systems software
24 Ghernaouti Solange business intelligence crisis management cybercrime cyberdefense cybersecurity cyberspace data protection for individuals, organizations and states economic crime geopolitical context of security information security audit information security management information security transverse and integrative approach informational risk informational security interdisciplinary research internet internet philosophy network and telecommunication political, economical, social, legal and technological dimensions of ntic protection of the critical infrastructures public security risk management security strategy social networks training and sensitisation about information security needs and measures
25 Goyal Amit empirical asset pricing investment strategies pension funds
26 Haack Patrick legitimacy, reputation, crisis management, organizational scandals
27 Hameri Ari-Pekka leadtime operation management operations supply chain management
28 Hashorva Enkelejd actuarial science applied probability assurance mathematics risk
29 Hoffrage Ulrich decision making biais decision making processes managerial decision making
30 Jondeau Eric empirical finance finance numerical methods in finance risk management stock exchange markets
31 Klaus Bettina games theory market design matching markets microeconomics ressources allocation social choice
32 Krings Franciska diversity equality human resources organizational behavior organizational justice workplace deviant behaviors workplace discrimination
33 Lalive Rafael applied economics econometrics effect of political measures on the individual behavior labor economics
34 Legner Christine business networking cloud computing corporate data management enterprise architecture management (eam) enterprise systems global information systems mobile applications service-oriented architecture (soa)
35 Marewski Julian act-r applied decision making cognition computational modelling decision making processes decision making under uncertainty ecological rationality ecological theories of cognition fast-and-frugal heuristics group behavior intuition management managerial decision making medical decision making memory organizational behavior probabilistic inference representative experimental design statistical inference statistics
36 Mata José entrepreneurial strategies entry strategies in foreign markets foreign direct investment and divestment immigrant entrepreneurship joint-ventures and alliances transfer and closure of firms university-firm collaborations
37 Maurer Jürgen aging demography health disparities health economics health management population economics public health survey research
38 Missonier Stéphanie team collaboration cross-boundary collaboration digital transformation it strategy process thinking project management teamwork
39 Morhart Felicitas integration of organizational behavior and leadership into the marketing field marketing transformational leadership in the sales domain
40 Nikolov Boris
41 Nilles Délia economics forecasts economics studies economie
42 Oyon Daniel accounting and controlling diagnostic of managerial accounting system internal controlling strategic control
43 Palazzo Guido business ethics corporate social responsibility ethical decision-making organized crime responsible consumption theory of the democracy
44 Petty Jeffrey entrepreneurship, new venture funding, entrepreneurial ecosystems, innovation management
45 Philippe Déborah discourse analysis organizational sociology social evaluations sustainability
46 Renne Jean-Paul time series analysis, macro-finance modelling, interest rates, credit risk.
47 Rockinger Michael asset management evolution of value in the vaud canton finance stock exchange stocks change
48 Rohner Dominic development economics economics of conflict and crime political economics public economic
49 Santos Pinto Luis Pedro biais economics behaviors economie judgement biais in economics decisions microeconomics
50 Schatt Alain audit externe comptabilité financière gouvernance d'entreprise
51 Schmid Mast Marianne
52 Schuerhoff Norman cost of trading finance investment timing
53 St-Amour Pascal asset pricing economics history finance financial economics macroeconomics
54 Thoenig Mathias cultural identity and wars impact of financial development on volatility international economics interraction between globalisation
55 Van Ackere Ann energy policy health care management science queueing system dynamics
56 Villa Alessandro decision making development of informatic networks information systems neuroscience
57 Vlachos Michalis data science, machine learning, recommender systems, information retrieval
58 Wagner Joël actuarial science asset liability management insurance insurance economics insurance management old age provision pricing regulation risk management
59 Walden Johan
60 Zehnder Christian compensation and motivation contracts economy fairness and trust in organisations organisational behavior psychological effects of minimum wages

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