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Battal Dogan



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8 last publications ordered by: publication type  -  year

: Peer Reviewed


Dogan B., Dogan S. ; Yildiz K. (in press). A new ex-ante efficiency criterion and implications for the probabilistic serial mechanism. Journal of Economic Theory. Peer Reviewed

Cho W. J. , Dogan B. (2017). Stability and the immediate acceptance rule when school priorities are weak. International Journal of Game Theory, 46, 991-1014. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. (2017). How to control controlled school choice: comment. American Economic Review, 107, 1362-1364. Peer Reviewed

Doğan B. (2017). Eliciting the socially optimal allocation from responsible agents. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 73, 103-110. Peer Reviewed

Cho W. J. , Dogan B. (2016). Equivalence of efficiency notions for ordinal assignment problems. Economics Letters, 146, 8-12. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. (2016). Responsive affirmative action in school choice. Journal of Economic Theory, 165, 69-105. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. (2016). Nash-implementation of the no-envy solution on symmetric domains of economies. Games and Economic Behavior, 98, 165-171. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. , Yildiz K. (2016). Efficiency and stability of probabilistic assignments in marriage problems. Games and Economic Behavior, 95, 47-58. Peer Reviewed


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