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Pia Furchheim



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10 last publications ordered by: publication type  -  year

: Peer Reviewed


Bublitz M.G., Escalas J.E., Peracchio L.A., Furchheim P., Landgreth Grau S., Hamby A. et al. (2016). Transformative Stories: A Framework for Crafting Stories for Social Impact Organizations. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 35, 237-248. Peer Reviewed

Shrum L.J., Lowrey T. M., Pandelaere M., Ruvio A. A., Gentina E., Furchheim P. et al. (2014). Materialism: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Journal of Marketing Management, 30, 1858-1881. Peer Reviewed


Furchheim P. (2016). Grüner Materialismus. Eine Überprüfung der Vereinbarkeit von Materialismus und grünem Konsum. Springer Gabler.

In Proceedings

Martin C., Furchheim P., Shrum L.J. ; Hellwig K. (2015, Jan). Measuring materialistic mindsets: Development of an Implicit Measure of Materialism. Proceedings of the Society for Consumer Psychology International Conference, Vienna, Austria. Peer Reviewed

Hellwig K., Furchheim P. ; Morhart F. (2014, Jan). Catching a Glimpse of Meaningfulness. Understanding Volunteering Holidays from a Eudaimonic Perspective. Proceedings of the Third Conference for Positive Marketing. Peer Reviewed

In Proceedings (abstract)

Furchheim Pia, Martin Christian ; Morhart Felicitas (in press). Materialism versus Green Values – Revisiting Research on Value Conflicts. 2018 AMA Winter Academic Conference. American Marketing Organisation. Peer Reviewed

Martin Christian, Furchheim Pia ; Morhart Felicitas (2017, May). Introducing the Green Materialist – A cluster analysis of North American and Swiss consumer populations . EMAC Annual Conferences Proceedings . Peer Reviewed

Borsdorf J., Hellwig K. ; Furchheim P. (2015, Jan). Pay, travel, work - an exploration of volunteering tourism from an eudaimonic perspective. Proceedings of the 44th EMAC Conference 2015. Peer Reviewed

Furchheim P. , Jahn S. (2015, Oct). How Cultural Capital Shapes Green Product Preferences Among Materialists. NA - Advances in Consumer Research, 43 (pp. 527-528). Diehl, K.; Yoon, C. Peer Reviewed

Furchheim P., Jahn S. ; Zanger C. (2015, Jan). Greening up a materialistic world. Proceedings of the 44th EMAC Conference 2015. Peer Reviewed


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