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Quantitative Macroeconomics

  • Teacher(s):   A.Tischbirek  
  • Course given in: English
  • ECTS Credits: 3 credits
  • Schedule: Autumn Semester 2019-2020, 2.0h. course (weekly average)
  •  sessions
  • Related programmes:
    Bachelor (BSc) in Economic Sciences

    Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics



This course introduces participants to methods in applied macroeconomics, with a strong focus on numerical methods. About half of the course consists of lectures that cover theoretical concepts, the other half takes the form of computer classes, in which hands-on applications are discussed. A central aim of the course is to bridge the gap between models and the data. No previous knowledge of economics software is required. The objective is for course participants to become comfortable simulating simple growth and business cycle models with the help of software like Matlab and Dynare and to learn how to obtain corresponding econometric evidence.


Model variables and their data counterparts

- Basics in national accounting

- Time series and trends

Programming in Matlab

Simulating growth models and growth accounting

Solving dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models

- Linear Approximations

- The Real Business Cycle (RBC) model

- Simulating the RBC model in Dynare

- Impulse Response Functions

Vector Autoregressions (VARs)

- Theory

- Applications


No single textbook covers the contents of this course. Lectures will be based on slides that will be made available online for each lecture. The slides will contain a comprehensive reading list.


First attempt

Written 2 hours
Not allowed
Not allowed

There will be one problem set and a final exam. The problem set can be completed in groups of two persons at most. The problem set counts for 30% and the exam for 70% of the final mark.


Written 2 hours
Not allowed
Not allowed

Should a make-up exam become necessary, it will be weighted like the final exam (70%).

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