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Labor Economics and Policy

  • Enseignant(s):   R.Lalive  
  • Titre en français: Economie du travail et réglementation
  • Cours donné en: anglais
  • Crédits ECTS: 3 crédits
  • Horaire: Semestre d'automne 2019-2020, 2.0h. de cours (moyenne hebdomadaire)
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  • site web du cours site web du cours
  • Formation concernée: Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en économie politique



Many key areas of our lives are connected with our employment status. The objective of this class is to look into key economic approaches to studying labor markets. In this class, you will build important knowledge of how the labor market, the largest market in any economy, works. You will also learn to talk about labor market issues, and develop a point of view a current labor topic. Both skills are essential in making the most of your knowledge, be it related to the labor market, or not.


We will build our knowledge mainly using the textbook "Labor Economics", by Stéphane Carcillo, Pierre Cahuc, and André Zylberberg, MIT Press, Second Edition. All three have extensive experience in advising the French government in labor market issues, a daunting task.
We will look into aspects that affect how much we work, labor supply, how much firms like to give work to us, labor demand, and competitive equilibrium. These classical topics are central and lay the foundations for any analysis of the labor market. We then look into areas of key current policy interest. Why does it take so much time for people to find a job? Why are some individuals treated worse than others? What is the effect of the huge increase in global trade on labor markets?
This is a tentative outline, and I remain entirely open to your suggestions concerning topics.


"Labor Economics", by Stéphane Carcillo, Pierre Cahuc, and André Zylberberg, MIT Press, Second Edition.


1ère tentative

Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

Class participation is worth 40% of your grade. Presentation is 60% of your grade.


Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

Presentation is 100% of your grade.

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