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Investor Relations

  • Enseignant(s):   E.Demers  
  • Titre en français: Relation des investisseurs
  • Cours donné en: anglais
  • Crédits ECTS: 3 crédits
  • Horaire: Semestre de printemps 2018-2019, 2.0h. de cours (moyenne hebdomadaire)
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  • site web du cours site web du cours
  • Formation concernée: Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en comptabilité, contrôle et finance



This course has two primary objectives: 1) to develop students’ understanding of the field of investor relations; 2) to develop students’ knowledge of academic research related to accounting and the capital markets (as it relates to investor relations) in order to begin to prepare them for undertaking an independent research project of their own (i.e., the Master’s thesis). As a secondary objective, students will have an opportunity to polish their written communications and oral presentation skills.


Topics covered will include, inter alia: the link between corporate communications and the cost of capital (i.e., the value of investor relations); the role and impact of analysts as information intermediaries between firms and investors; earnings announcements; conference calls as a communications vehicle; and ESG reporting and the impact of corporate reputation on firm value.


  • The Investor Relations Guidebook, 3rd edition, by Steven M. Bragg, 2017, published by Accounting Tools, Inc.
  • Using Investor Relations to Maximize Equity Valuation, 2005, Thomas Ryan and Chad Jacobs, published by John Wiley & Sons.
  • Additional readings and cases will be assigned on the course Moodle site as the semester unfolds.


Registration in the 1st year of the MSc.CCF program.


1ère tentative

Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

Class participation, discussion, and presentations: 30%
Group project: 70%


Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

Submission of a written research report (100%).

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