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The HEC Lausanne mediatheque gives you access to the Faculty's audiovisual content. You will find the latest videos of our lecturers commenting on the news, the latest interviews in the media of HEC Lausanne staff, alumni testimonials and extracts from certain conferences and seminars.

Sinergia project on fiscal federalism 2013-12-09 - HEC and Research

The Sinergia project 'The Swiss Confederation: A Natural Laboratory for Research on Fiscal and Political Decentralization', supports economic research on the foundations and consequences of fiscal federalism.

Conférence: surveillance financière et régulation macro-prudentielle : qu'a t-on appris de la crise ? (available in French only) 2013-11-06 - Conferences and seminars

A l'occasion des 30 ans du Département d'économétrie et économie politique (DEEP) d'HEC et de son Master en économie politique, un panel d'invités de marque a débattu de la question "Surveillance financière et régulation macroprudentielle : qu'a t-on appris de la crise ?" le jeudi 30 mai 2013 de 16h30 à 19h.

Swiss corporate tax strategy 'makes sense' 2013-05-22 - Faculty in the news

Interview of Professor Robert Danon on WRS. How does Switzerland keep multinational companies on Swiss soil while also appeasing Brussels on what the European Union deems fair corporate tax policies?

Internships and Exchange Programs from the point of view of recruiters 2013-09-24 - Testimonials

Elodie Meyer, HR Marketing and Recruiting Specialist at KPMG & François Pugliese, Director at Elite SA

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