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Adrian Bruhin


Full Professor
Department of Economics

Internef, room 540
Tel 021.692.34.86
Fax 0216923305

Postal address
Université de Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Chamberonne
Bâtiment Internef
1015 Lausanne


bachelor Analyse économique : microéconomie
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Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management
master Financial Institutions & Regulation
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Master of Science (MSc) in Economics
Master in Law and Economy
bachelor Statistique et économétrie I
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Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics


Research areas

Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Financial Stability


Clémence Kieny
Tel: (021 692) 34 83
Room: NEF 533

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  Maha Manai
Tel: (021 692) 33 02
Room: NEF 537

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Bernhard Nöbauer
Tel: (021 692) 33 38
Room: NEF 508

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20 last publications ordered by: publication type  -  year

: Peer Reviewed


Bruhin A., Fehr E. ; Schunk D. (in press). The Many Faces of Human Sociality - Uncovering the Distribution and Stability of Social Preferences. Journal of the European Economic Association. Peer Reviewed

Bruhin A., Santos-Pinto L. ; Staubli D. (2018). How do beliefs about skill affect risky decisions?. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 150, 350-371. Peer Reviewed

Pedroni A., Frey R., Bruhin A., Dutilh G., Hertwig R. ; Rieskamp J. (2017). The risk elicitation puzzle. Nature Human Behaviour, 1, 803-809. Peer Reviewed

Bruhin A., Goette L., Roethlisberger A., Markovic A. ; Buchli R. (2015). Call of Duty: The Effects of Phone Calls on Blood Donor Motivation. Transfusion, 55, 2645-2652. Peer Reviewed

Santos-Pinto L., Bruhin A., Mata J. ; Astebro T. (2015). Detecting Heterogeneous Risk Attitudes with Mixed Gambles. Theory and Decision, 79, 573-600. Peer Reviewed

Fischbacher U., Hertwig R. ; Bruhin A. (2013). How to Model Heterogeneity in Costly Punishment: Insights from Responders' Response Times. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 26, 462-476. Peer Reviewed

Morishima Y., Schunk D., Bruhin A., Ruff C. ; Fehr E. (2012). Linking brain structure and activation in the temporoparietal junction to explain the neurobiology of human altruism. Neuron, 75, 73-79. Peer Reviewed

Epper T., Fehr-Duda H. ; Bruhin A. (2011). Viewing the Future through a Warped Lens: Why Uncertainty Generates Hyperbolic Discounting. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 43, 169-203. Peer Reviewed

Fehr-Duda H., Epper T., Bruhin A. ; Schubert R. (2011). Risk and Rationality: The Effect of Mood and Decision Rules on Probability Weighting. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 78, 14-24. Peer Reviewed

Bruhin A., Fehr-Duda H. ; Epper T. (2010). Risk and Rationality: Uncovering Heterogeneity in Probability Distortion. Econometrica, 78, 1375-1412. Peer Reviewed

Fehr-Duda H., Bruhin A., Epper T. ; Schubert R. (2010). Rationality on the Rise: Why Relative Risk Aversion Increases with Stake Size. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 40, 147-180. Peer Reviewed

Bruhin A. , Winkelmann R. (2009). Happiness Functions with Preference Interdependence and Heterogeneity: The Case of Altruism within the Family. Journal of Population Economics, 22, 1063-1080. Peer Reviewed

Book Sections

Hertwig R., Fischbacher U. ; Bruhin A. (2012). Simple Heuristics in a Social Game. Simple Heuristics in a Social World (pp. 39-65). Oxford University Press, New York.

Technical Reports

Bruhin Adrian, Manai Maha ; Santos-Pinto Luis (2018). Risk and Rationality: The Relative Importance of Probability Weighting and Choice Set Dependence. Universtiy of Lausanne.

Beutler T., Bichsel R., Bruhin A. ; Danton J. (2015). The Impact of Interest Rate Risk on Bank Lending. Université de Lausanne.

Bruhin A., Goette L., Haenni S. ; Jiang L. (2015). Spillovers of Prosocial Motivation: Evidence from an Intervention Study on Blood Donors. University of Lausanne - HEC - DEEP.

Bruhin A. (2008). Stochastic Expected Utility and Prospect Theory in a Horse Race: A Finite Mixture Approach. University of Zurich.


DANTON Jayson (2018). ON THE ECONOMICS OF HOUSING CONSUMPTION AND FINANCE. Université de Lausanne, Faculté des hautes études commerciales. Bruhin Adrian , Brùlhart Marius (Dir.)

HÄNNI Simon (2017). FOUR QUASI-EXPERIMENTS ON INDIVIDUAL MOTIVATION. Université de Lausanne, Faculté des hautes études commerciales. Götte Lorenz , Bruhin Adrian (Dir.)

JIANG Lingqing (2017). ESSAYS IN SOCIAL INTERACTION AND AGENT MOTIVATION. Université de Lausanne, Faculté des hautes études commerciales. Gôtte Lorenz , Bruhin Adrian (Dir.)



PhD in Economics at the University of Zurich

Work experience

Senior Economist at the Swiss National Bank (SNB)

Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Zurich


Internef - CH-1015 Lausanne - Suisse  -   Tél. +41 21 692 33 00  -   Fax +41 21 692 33 05
Swiss University