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Nicolas Bastardoz


Part-Time Lecturer
Department of Organizational Behavior

Internef, room 558
Tel 021.692.33.92

Postal address
Université de Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Chamberonne
Bâtiment Internef
1015 Lausanne


bachelor Comportement organisationnel
Related programmes
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management


12 last publications ordered by: publication type  -  year

: Peer Reviewed


Antonakis J., Bastardoz N. ; Rönkkö M. (submitted). On ignoring the random effects assumption in multilevel models: Review, critique, and recommendations. Working paper.

Bastardoz N. , Van Vugt M. (in press). The nature of followership: Evolutionary analysis and review. The Leadership Quarterly. Peer Reviewed

Arthur C., Bastardoz N. ; Eklund R. (2017). Transformational leadership in sport: current status and future directions. Current Opinion in Psychology, 16, 78-83. Peer Reviewed

Antonakis J., Bastardoz N., Jacquart P. ; Shamir B. (2016). Charisma: An ill-defined and ill-measured gift. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 3, 293-319. Peer Reviewed

Antonakis J., Bastardoz N., Liu Y. ; Schriesheim C. A. (2014). What makes articles highly cited?. The Leadership Quarterly, 25, 152-179. Peer Reviewed

In Proceedings

Bastardoz N. , Antonakis J. (2016, Aug). How should the fit of structural equation models be judged? Insights from Monte Carlo simulations. Academy of Management Proceedings (pp. 12634). Peer Reviewed

Bastardoz N., Jacquart P. ; Antonakis J. (2015, Aug). Crisis and Rhetoric in Presidential Leadership: A Regression Discontinuity Design. Academy of Management Proceedings (pp. 11386). Peer Reviewed

Bastardoz N. , Antonakis J. (2014, Jan). Sample Size Requirement for Unbiased Estimation of Structural Equation Models: A Monte Carlo Study. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2014 (pp. 13405-13405). The Academy of Management. Peer Reviewed

Bastardoz N. , Antonakis J. (2013, Jan). How small can a sample size be for a structural equation model?. Congress of the Swiss Psychological Society, Basel, Switzerland (pp. 141). Peer Reviewed

In Proceedings (poster)

Bastardoz N., Jacquart P. ; Antonakis J. (2015, Sep). Crisis and rhetoric in presidential leadership: A regression discontinuity design. Congress of the Swiss Psychological Society, Geneva, Switzerland.

Technical Manuals

Antonakis J. , Bastardoz N. (2013). Swain: Stata module to correct the SEM chi-square overidentification test in small sample sizes or complex models. Statistical Software Components S457617, Boston College Department of Economics.


Bastardoz Nicolas (2016). THREE ESSAYS ON METHODS IN MANAGEMENT. Université de Lausanne, Faculté des hautes études commerciales. Antonakis John (Dir.)


Academic honors

Academy of Management, Professional Development Workshop. Some words of advice: A Mentoring Session to Promote High Quality Leadership Research. Most promising research proposal
Année : 2014

Récipiendaire : Nicolas Bastardoz

Research Methods Division Academy of Management & SAGE Publications "Best Student Paper Award"
Année : 2017

Récipiendaire : Nicolas Bastardoz


Internef - CH-1015 Lausanne - Suisse  -   Tél. +41 21 692 33 00  -   Fax +41 21 692 33 05
Swiss University