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Battal Dogan


Senior SNSF Researcher
Department of Economics

Senior SNSF Researcher
Department of Economics

Assistant of professor Bettina Klaus

Internef, room 540.1
Tel 021.692.33.26

Postal address
Université de Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Chamberonne
Bâtiment Internef
1015 Lausanne


master Mathematics for Economic Policy
Related programme
Master of Science (MSc) in Economics


8 last publications ordered by: publication type  -  year

: Peer Reviewed


Cho W. J. , Dogan B. (2017). Stability and the immediate acceptance rule when school priorities are weak. International Journal of Game Theory, 46, 991-1014. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. (2017). How to control controlled school choice: comment. American Economic Review, 107, 1362-1364. Peer Reviewed

Doğan B. (2017). Eliciting the socially optimal allocation from responsible agents. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 73, 103-110. Peer Reviewed

Cho W. J. , Dogan B. (2016). Equivalence of efficiency notions for ordinal assignment problems. Economics Letters, 146, 8-12. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. (2016). Nash-implementation of the no-envy solution on symmetric domains of economies. Games and Economic Behavior, 98, 165-171. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. (2016). Responsive affirmative action in school choice. Journal of Economic Theory, 165, 69-105. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. , Yildiz K. (2016). Efficiency and stability of probabilistic assignments in marriage problems. Games and Economic Behavior, 95, 47-58. Peer Reviewed

Dogan B. , Koray S. (2015). Maskin-monotonic scoring rules. Social Choice and Welfare, 44, 423-432. Peer Reviewed


Internef - CH-1015 Lausanne - Suisse  -   Tél. +41 21 692 33 00  -   Fax +41 21 692 33 05
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